Flooring that ticks all the boxes

Originating in Europe more than 45 years ago, Quartz Carpet® has become a global phenomenon, selling in 60 countries across five continents. In the past two decades alone, Quartz Carpet® has made a significant impact in South Africa, with over 1,2 million square metres successfully installed.  

Health benefits 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Quartz Carpet® boasts notable health benefits, particularly in modern-day environments. Architects and designers attuned to the principles of green building and design, are increasingly opting for Quartz Carpet® as a sustainable flooring solution. 

Renowned as the “power stone”, quartz, the key component, is believed to absorb negative ions, enhancing energy levels and serving as a harmonising force for positive and negative energy fields. Advocates of quartz contend that it can sharpen focus, boost memory and tap into natural abilities by interacting with the bio-magnetic field.  


Flooring that ticks all the boxes

Meticulously sourced and processed, the quartz stone undergoes a rigorous process, including washing, fire drying and grading. This results in a 99% pure SiO2 composition, with a residual moisture content below 2%.  

With a hardness rating of 8 on the Measure of Hardness scale (MOH), Quartz Carpet® stone stands alongside diamonds, which score 10.  

Environmentally conscious 

The imported quartz is processed and packaged in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 European Union (EU) certified plant, ensuring the quality and environmental standards are met. 

The commitment to eco-friendly practices also extends to the resins used in Quartz Carpet®, which are solvent-free and contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This dedication to sustainability, coupled with the myriad benefits of Quartz Carpet®, positions it as a top choice for those seeking a cutting-edge, environmentally conscious flooring solution. 

Issue: Seamless, sustainable flooring choices. 

Solution: Quartz Carpet® offers unique health benefits, durability and is environmentally conscious. 

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