Flooring specialist returns to company

by Darren
abe Johnie Emmerich returns Jnl 7 16

Johnie Emmerich rejoins a.b.e Construction Chemicals in the Western Cape as Technical Sales Consultant.

Johnie Emmerich has been appointed Technical Sales Consultant – Flooring for a.b.e. Construction Chemicals in the Western Cape.

Johnie worked for a.b.e.’s George branch for five years before acquiring a share in a waterproofing and flooring company on the Garden Route. During the five years in this capacity, he obtained a balanced exposure to the flooring industry, augmenting the supplier experience from the knowledge he had gained at a.b.e. with the applicator experience at the company he partially owned.

Glenn Bouwer, a.b.e.’s Regional Manager, Western and Eastern Cape, says the company is extremely pleased to have re-acquired the skills of such a flooring specialist. “Johnie has already made his presence felt through accelerated networking and technical expertise,” he concludes. “He is going to be a valuable asset to the a.b.e. team in the Cape.”

For more information contact a.b.e. Construction Chemicals on +27 (11) 306 9000 or via www.abe.co.za.

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