Flooring products distributed to retailers

by Tania Wannenburg
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Specialist flooring products are now primarily distributed to retailers.

FinFloor was established in 1997 as an importer and distributor of decorative laminate flooring and in 1999 the company introduced the exclusive Inovar Floor range alongside the FinFloor brand of flooring, both having their unique colour themes and identities. At a later stage the Supreme range, The Architect’s Choice, was added to the collection.

In line with the international trend towards solid engineered flooring, Woodline Parquetry was introduced to the range in 2003. In 2013 FinFloor introduced TRIO Loc, a Click vinyl flooring system, to their range of products, which can be installed over most level surfaces with minimal subfloor preparation and incorporates the natural look of wood in areas previously out of bounds to wooden flooring, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Initially, the company imported their flooring with the aim to serve as a DIY product, as many strived to install it themselves in Europe, which was found not to work in the South African market, this then forced a change of thinking and as such they started to distribute an exclusive range of colours and products through the Inovar Franchise Network, with each outlet being privately/individually owned.

Due to a change in company strategy, FinFloor now distributes the FinFloor brand of flooring through all major retailers, with Inovar Floor being one of the specialist retailers. However, they do continue to exclusively import a range of flooring specifically for Inovar, and this particular range can only be purchased through any Inovar Floor outlet situated nationally. All of FinFloor’s other product lines are sold countrywide through most recognised established flooring dealers and to selected installers directly.

FinFloor has been in the business for 20 years and offers an international written warranty on all their product ranges. They also pride themselves on quality and only supply products that are manufactured and meet all the highest European performance & manufacturing standards.

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