Main image: MAPEI – Good workmanship and technical knowledge is vital for proper installation of flooring systems.

Everything you need to know to avoid failure

Flooring systems, when installed correctly, can elevate a project to fantastic heights. Inversely, when flooring systems are done poorly, they can make even the most prestigious projects appear tatty and prematurely aged.

Do your research on flooring systems… and contractors!

A good finish requires a competent applicator.

When researching and deciding on a flooring system, identify the most suitable flooring system for the intended application and choose a suitable flooring contractor. The tough position of the South African economy means many clients face constrained budgets when considering maintenance or new developments. MAPEI looks at wide ranging measures to cut costs so consumers can get as much bang for their buck as possible.

The economic situation has also given rise to many smaller nonspecialised contractors operating in the industry, looking to capitalise on the current market trends and expanding into different, more specialised sectors where they wouldn’t usually operate, claiming to be specialists.

Free courses for specialist skills development

MAPEI SA has a strong focus on specialist applicator development for existing clients and for any contractor wishing to further develop their skills in the segments MAPEI SA works in. These courses are all encompassing covering not only the theory of products and installation requirements but also have a strong practical aspect to aid in better understanding the different installation requirements of each system.

Key questions before deciding on flooring solutions

  • What will the floor be used for? Will it be warehousing, commercial, industrial or residential?
  • What type of traffic will it be subjected to?
  • Will it be exposed to aggressive environments?

Vetting material suppliers:

  • Ensure that a proper material specification is provided from your material supplier
  • Ensure that your supplier complies to all local and international quality regulations
  • Ensure that your material supplier has a good reputation in terms of quality of products, after sales service and site support
  • Ask for their previous references
  • Request a list of approved installers or contractors

Vetting installers:

Different spaces require different solutions.
  • Ensure that your installer is aware of any limitations created by site conditions and that appropriate action is taken
  • Always ask for previous project references
  • Inspect the contractors’ tools & equipment
  • Insist on applicator certificates and ensure that they are still valid.

The floor in any construction is the most functional operational space of any build and as such, is the most unforgiving should it be installed incorrectly.

“There are a lot of individuals out in the market who claim to have the knowledge and experience to install a floor. For them it’s an opportunity to pick up another contract and make money,” says Jacobus Pretorius, Technical Services Manager, and Louis Visser, Building Line Manager at MAPEI South Africa.

How to avoid problems:

  • Use the correct product
  • Never let the applicator deviate from the spec or instructions provided for using the product
  • Ensure there is quality workmanship and clean equipment.
  • Ask for Approved Applicator certification with contactable references and confirm.

For more information, contact MAPEI:
Tel: +27 11 552 8476

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