Flooring manufacturer showcases new wood-based design floor

by Tania Wannenburg
Egger wood based design floor Jnl 7 16

Egger’s new wood-based floor is described as a product novelty. Find out more about the new product here.

In January 2016, Egger presented a wood-based design floor product at Domotex. The new flooring class, which is described as an “absolute product novelty”, was developed to meet diverse customer needs. Egger believes that in this day and age for customers, a floor needs to look good, be easy to clean and stress resistant. It also has to achieve the right price/performance ratio. This wood-based designer floor is compact, resistant, comfortable, easy-care, flexible in use, naturally based on wood, 100% free of PVC and plasticisers.

“Needs change and become increasingly individualised. This is a challenge we accept. Egger is no longer exclusively a laminate flooring specialist, but also an expert in wood-based flooring solutions. The market share of laminate flooring in Western Europe is shrinking, while the one for design floors is constantly expanding,” said Head of Marketing and Product Management Flooring at Egger, Michael Gerbl.

The flooring manufacturer has merged natural, wood-based flooring with the properties of plastic-based design floors. The floor’s top layer consists of thermoplastic polyurethane. The core of EGGER’s new design floor consists of a double sealed, high-density, wood-based coreboard – the Ultra Wood Fibre Board (UWF).

The new product is available in 20 contemporary wood and stone looks. It also has a SelfRepair effect which can hide deformations.

“If there are surface deformations – for example the marks of furniture feet – the molecules pushed in the given place ‘remember’ their initial position and return to it fairly soon resulting in the floor looking new again,” explains Michael.

For more information, contact Egger on +43 5 0600-10691 or via www.egger.com.

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