Flooring installation exceeds salon’s expectations

by Tania Wannenburg
Flowcrete Jean Louis David salon Jnl 2 16

Flooring products that encapsulate all things luxurious to suit the needs of a reputable salon brand.

When international salon brand Jean Louis David (JLD) designed its flagship Hong Kong store, it was imperative that the chosen flooring solution would meet the iconic hairdresser’s high standards for quality, appearance and cleanliness.

The new store is located at 12/F New World Tower 2 and, according to JLD, this salon marks the first authentic international hair salon in Hong Kong. The store specialises in innovative hairdressing techniques and is committed to providing customers with an opulent ambiance alongside the highest levels of client service, care and hygiene.

The salon’s interior designers wanted floors that showcased a crisp white finish in order to convey the contemporary, highly stylised image of the company. The floor’s visual impact would need to be easily maintained despite a challenging operational environment that would involve constant foot traffic, impacts from dropped equipment, frequent cleaning and spillages of hair products.

To create a surface able to combine these functional and aesthetic demands, a 3mm coating of Flowcrete’s hard wearing, polyurethane system Flowfresh MF was installed over a 300m² area. This was topped with two coats of the water-based Flowseal WB floor sealer in an elegant shade of satin white.

It took the local Flowcrete approved applicator two weeks to complete the flooring project in Hong Kong. The robust nature of the completed floor was ideal for meeting the client’s aesthetic and functional criteria and it meant that the salon’s luxurious ambiance would not be affected by a failing finish.

The salon’s floor tied into the venue’s striking white aesthetic, as the furniture, hairdressing booths, gowns, walls, ceilings and even the bottles of hair products are also white. This look is complemented with chrome trims and linings around the hard furnishings, all of which provides a sophisticated backdrop to the black reception desk and the colourful product display areas.

The easy to clean nature of seamless resin floors is a significant practical advantage in environments like salons, as it facilitates the quick and effective removal of cut hair and unwanted contaminants from the public-facing areas.

Portraying a clean and hygienic image is vital for leisure venues such as JLD. Not only does it help them secure the trust of customers and meet the expectations of demanding VIP clients, but it also enables them to comply with stringent hygiene regulations.

When undertaking this project, Flowcrete Hong Kong, part of the international resin-flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group, was able to draw on the company’s wealth of experience supplying floors for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious commercial venues.

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