Flooring for Menlyn Park Shopping Centre’s car park

by Madelein
Flooring for Menlyn Park Shopping Centre’s car park

The Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Tshwane has undergone a large-scale, R2.5-billion redevelopment in order to become the largest facility of its kind in Africa. The multi-level centre now spans 177 000m² and offers everything from luxury fashion options and restaurants to leisure experiences and entertainment. The site’s car park facilities had to be expanded and improved to accommodate the significant increase in visitors. There are now 16 parking entrances, 12 parking exits and a staggering 8250 parking bays.

Flowcrete provided 2 200m² of Deckshield ID, a solvent free, polyurethane car park deck coating system for the extended parking facility. Deckshield ID is ideal for challenging car parks that will subject the finish to a variety of demands such as automotive oils and greases, tight turning cars and the inherent scuffs, scrapes and abuse that floors in car parks deal with.

Custom colours were created to mark out specific parts of the floor area, with a light grey colour being applied in the main thoroughfares and parking bays and crisp white line marking used to mark out the routes, bays and signage. The drop-off zone near the centre’s doors received a bright orange floor and a bright blue flooring was used to differentiate the priority parking bays for young families and disabled visitors. Thanks to the robust nature of Deckshield ID, Flowcrete was able to supply a product that met the architect’s aesthetic goals for the flooring.

The importance of colour in car parks
The colour of a floor in a car park has the ability to both impress and provide important safety information to visitors. The car park is often the first part of a property that a visitor will see which is why the visual impact is critical. Seamless, unblemished floors in contemporary colours are a great way to create a welcoming and pleasant environment.

The floor also needs to be able to direct drivers and pedestrians around the site safely, pointing out directions and highlighting potential hazards. Even though most visitors may not appreciate the importance of it, they will often look down at the floor for the clues they need to find the bays, entrance, exit, stairs, etc. However, if the floor is dirty and in a poor state of repair this will be noticed.

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