Flooring equipment suited to detailed applications

by Darren
Numatic equipment suited to detailed applications Jnl 4 16

Flooring equipment perfectly designed to carry out a multitude of functions for very specific settings.

The Numatic brand continues to grow from strength to strength and has become a household name and sought after by the majority of contract cleaners in South Africa. Their products are durable with a unique Structofoam construction resulting in less wear and tear.

At the heart of all hard floor cleaning and maintenance is the company’s single disc floor machine. The Hurricane motor concept is designed to remain cool under continuous and arduous operation whilst its seamless power transmission to the floor is via their long-life, oil filled, low load planetary gearbox. The HFM1515 150rpm machine is equipped with the 1000W Hurricane motor, providing a lighter weight and economical solution.

There are more and more applications where the floor machine must fulfil two functions literally at the “Flick of a Switch”. This is where the HFT model plays a key role as it is fitted with the Hurricane dual performance motor rated at 1000W/1250W, providing optimised power options at the two different operating speeds. For scrubbing purposes you will require 150rpm, but for polishing 300rpm is needed to ensure quicker and better results. This is ideal for hospitals, care homes, hotels, schools etc, where the needs vary quite substantially each day and two separate machines are not always practical or available.

Each equipment is perfectly suited for very unique applications, making it easier to care for a floor and ensure that it performs to the best of its ability for a maximum period of time.

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