Main image: A primer is recommended for bonding strength and adhesion.

Long gone are the days when flooring was a mere afterthought. In many modern construction projects, the floors are given the same considered importance as that of the décor, the wall finishes and architectural design. Flooring is now an essential factor for the creation of a sense of style, grandeur and comfort.

Matching function with style

Rather than becoming a victim of style or function, reputable flooring suppliers have made it their focus to work closely with specifiers, designers and customers alike to ensure that flooring not only looks beautiful, but that it functions as desired, given the needs of the specific space.

“It is vital to understand the environment where the flooring is to be laid to ensure that the correct flooring solution is selected. Besides meeting the aesthetic requirements, the flooring must also meet the functional operational requirements as specified,” notes Chad Tosen, Soft coverings – Product Manager for MAPEI South Africa.

The value of flooring expertise

Ensure the adhesive used is correct and suitable for the application.

The choice of finishes and their application are additional factors to consider. Therefore employing expertise to assist is advisable and a good choice is a reputable company such as FINfloor, who are also the newly appointed stockists for the MAPEI range of flooring solutions.

“We have opted to stock the MAPEI range of flooring solutions given the quality of their products, assurance of stock and distribution capacity, coupled with their professional knowledge, experience and the support. We are confident that together we can successfully offer the local market a glue-down vinyl we are prepared to back and warrant,” says Sasha Kozinsky, Director at FINfloor.

In addition, FINfloor guides their clients to obtain a comprehensive flooring solution by ensuring that they always consider the following:

  1. Know that the substrate often requires specialised treatment, so obtain advice on suitable products for self-levelling.
  2. Understand the importance of primers and bonding promoters, especially in the case of LVTs, vinyl, carpet and wooden flooring.
  3. Flooring in wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens require effective waterproofing to prevent flooring damage.
  4. Correct adhesive choice is imperative, as it is the key component to bonding the visible layer of any flooring.
  5. Specifying flooring solutions that consider both function and form is vital to success.

The many different aspects that need to be taken into account for a successful flooring solution highlight the importance of working with a reputable flooring installer that not only offers a quality product, service and support, but also has the necessary expertise and knowhow to ensure installation and aesthetic compliance.

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