Main image: TAL Screedmaster application

The look and performance of a floor covering are largely dependent on what lies beneath it. When specifying vinyl sheeting, LVTs or PVC-backed vinyl tiles, a multi-level installation system is critical to ensure the desired result. TAL has developed a complete range of products that are fully compatible with each other and when used together provide a solid foundation for every installation.

Adequate preparation essential for a perfect result

Once the substrate has cured and achieved the required compressive strength for the application of the proposed floor covering, suitable preparation and priming is required to ensure a sustainable bond onto the substrate. Mechanically abrade the floor to remove residual curing agents, laitance and other surface contaminants, and to achieve a suitable “roughness” of the surface.

New levelling system for local conditions

“Using our years of experience and listening to feedback from the market, we have developed our TAL floor levelling system of products, which is specifically designed for local conditions,” explains Obert Rukato, TAL technical executive.

Quick and easy on-site solution

The system offers a simplified solution on site – from the 2 component water-based vapour barrier, TAL Vapourscreen WB to the ready-mix, roll-on priming system, TAL Primercoat. When used with self-levelling and rapid-setting TAL Screedmaster, installers can enjoy a robust, reliable installation.

The final level of the TAL floor levelling system is a selection of adhesives for vinyl sheeting and tiles, and LVTs or PVC-backed vinyl tiles. “We believe that careful attention must be paid to the correct combination of products to ensure a successful and long-lasting vinyl flooring installation,” says Obert.

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