Floor colouration for old or new wooden floors

by Tania Wannenburg

Express your style! With the unique and varied colouration system, Bona Create, you can add a personal touch to your wooden floor.

FloorworX offers an opportunity for creative freedom by changing the colour of new unfinished or old wooden floors that have been sanded back to bare wood. Bona Create is an oil-based stain which can alter the colour of bare timber floors prior to treatment with a finish or oil, to any one of nine available Bona Create colours – Earth, Lava, Coal, Aqua, Flora, Stone, Ice, Amber or Pure.

Bona Create is easy to apply and has a long open time without the risk of overlap marks. Bona Create has an excellent coverage rate; one litre covers 30-40m² and the end result is an even and colourful stained floor.

Adding some colours to a wooden floor can give an entire new look and make a real difference to a room. Plain old Oak can be renewed with a tint of red, blue or green. Bona Create gives you the opportunity not only to renovate your home or office, but to transform your wooden floor into a completely new colour wood.

As part of the Bona System, Bona Create is developed at the forefront of sustainability with compatibility to Bona’s oils and waterborne finishes. The cobalt-free, low-VOC formula guarantees healthy indoor air and safe working conditions.

To keep the surface looking good, Bona has special maintenance products developed for both finished and oiled floors.

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