Floor’s colour aligned with site’s character

by Tania Wannenburg
Flowcrete Gandhi Memorial Park project Jnl 5 16

New centre turns to Flowcrete for a rich orange floor to reflect the ethos of India and Ghandi.

A rich orange Flowcrete floor similar to the colour of the Indian flag was selected by the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust with the goal of creating a vibrant finish in its new centre to reflect the ethos of the site.

Located at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Park, the centre has been designed to convey the teachings of Gandhi and to serve as a tourist attraction as well as a vital space for the inner city Durban area, providing commemorative, educational, historical and heritage benefits.

The appearance and atmosphere of the space was carefully considered to ensure that it would reflect the building’s principles while also being able to withstand the inevitable scratches, scuffs, bumps and stains that the interiors would be exposed to.

Designed as a modest structure, the memorial is however also intended to be an enjoyable and lively space for both local community members and tourists. The Trust decided to use the orange colour of the Indian flag for many of the building’s surfaces and furnishings, as it would create a pleasant environment while also tying into the meaning of the site.

To achieve this, 150m² of Peran SL Fruity in Tangerine was installed to create a floor with the required image that would simultaneously provide a reliable and long lasting surface. The glossy, self-smoothing epoxy resin floor finish was applied in main rooms and corridors as well as the kitchen area and toilet facilities.

“We were honoured to work with the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust on this project, as the new facility will not only commemorate a significant part of the city’s history, but it will also help the local community in a number of important ways,” says Flowcrete Africa’s Managing Director, Craig Blitenthall.

“Peran SL Fruity met all the project’s criteria, as the bright, exciting colour would invigorate the space and deliver the aesthetic requirements of the Trust while also providing the necessary functionality and durability that any busy commercial site will need in order to keep the area looking clean and attractive.”

The centre has been designed as a minimum maintenance structure in order to reduce long-term maintenance and operational costs. The seamless and easy to clean nature of Peran SL was therefore ideal, as the fact that it can be quickly washed helps to keep the floor area looking fresh and unblemished without requiring the costs and labour of an intensive cleaning regime.

It was imperative that the colour and seamless finish wouldn’t deteriorate in the face of constant foot traffic, drink and food spillages, cleaning and impacts from dropped items. Peran SL’s durability means that the centre’s operators could rest assured that the floor would retain its aesthetics and functionality for an extended period of time, avoiding the need for frequent repairs or an early refurbishment.

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