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Floor cleaning’s role in creating hygienic & safe environments

The condition of your flooring is representative of your professionalism, attention to detail and level of cleanliness. It sets the tone for visitors as they walk in. A clean and shiny floor provides a sense of comfort and creates a feeling of trust, whereas neglected floors invoke the complete opposite sensation. When was the last time you had the desire to revisit a dirty facility?

Although the appearance of the floor is important, the implementation of an appropriate floor care regime, ensuring a clean and dry floor, is an indispensable component in controlling the spread of infections and/or viruses and ensures that your visitor’s safety takes precedence.

Taking cleanliness to the next level

Numatic floor scrubbers are uniquely designed to remove both dirt and debris with one pass performance, while meeting the highest standards for cleanliness. Their floor care products include a comprehensive range of accessories to achieve professional results, whatever the challenge.

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