“Considering that floors are the ‘visible foundation’ of any building and various other environments, it can impact noise levels, heating, hygiene, and where luxury is the selling point – aesthetics. More thought should therefore go into selecting the correct floor type,” says Pieter De Beer, Sales Director at Industroclean, a manufacturer of industrial cleaning products and machines.

“It is important to understand the maintenance and cleaning processes required for the selected floor type as there can be costly implications further down the line,” Pieter adds.


Various factors are impacting current flooring trends. Covid has changed the way buildings are used and with the continued shift to work from home, these changes will continue to impact commercial and residential spaces, specifically in the retail and hospitality industries.

Drive for resilient flooring
• Covid has resulted in more people living, working and learning from home and consumers having become more conscious of the cleanliness of their environments, especially when out in public. No doubt, this could drive demand for more resilient flooring types in residential and commercial sectors. Clean floors not only look good, they can also influence consumers’ perception of a facility’s hygiene standards and reputation as a business.

Lifecycle costing up front
• When planning buildings, different floor types usually form part of discussions between developers and architects. It is however important that the maintenance requirements for the selected floor type are understood, because what looks pretty might not be exceptionally durable. Applying a lifecycle costing method with the help of a local flooring specialist could save on maintenance and investment further down the line.

Correct cleaning procedures
• Applying the incorrect cleaning processes to hard floor types could result in damage and shorten the lifespan of the floor. Facility Managers might be pressured to implement water saving methods. However, borehole or grey water used to clean floors could contain a range of minerals that will require an acidic cleaning product to remove the build-up that will occur over time.

Flooring for healthcare
• In healthcare facilities, contaminants on the floor can transfer to other surfaces very easily. Limiting the spread of germs is an important factor and could influence the sale of resilient floor types as cleanability and hygiene are important in these environments. Vinyl, which is cost effective and insulates noise, is a popular choice of flooring in hospitals. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a multi-layered, waterproof, resilient floor type that has the aesthetic of wood while also being attractive in terms of price. In addition, they are also easy to clean and hard-wearing.

Concrete floor cleaning
• The growth in e-commerce operations has led to a spike in investment in warehouse space. While industrial concrete floors appear simple in design and construction, they should possess key qualities such as being hard-wearing, have the capacity to carry large and heavy loads and should require low maintenance as downtime can be costly. If cleaning is done by an in-house team, it would make economic sense to invest in suitable sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming systems.

Understanding cleaning

When approaching or appointing cleaning contractors, make sure they understand the characteristics of the floor, have knowledge of the correct protective products and can advise on daily, interim and restorative cleaning practices.

“What might be considered a damaged floor could be the result of a prolonged incorrect approach to cleaning. This is where Industroclean can offer advice,” Pieter concludes.

For more industrial cleaning and care advice, contact Industroclean:
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