Flawlessly Finished Floors

by Darren
Genesis Jnl 5 14

Achieving a successful flooring installation depends dramatically on transition profiles suited to various heights and floor types.

The range of transition profiles from Genesis provides an extensive portfolio of both commercial and DIY products – all offering performance, function and aesthetics. Through colour, design and material, the Genesis transition profiles will complement most floorcoverings. Be it to cover a gap between two floorcoverings that are at the same or differing levels, there is something in the Genesis Transitions system to suit. The profiles are available in metallic and wood grain finishes and have been designed to provide the perfect finish.

Fast Fit System

The new and improved Genesis Fast Fit System prevents exposed screw heads, is easy to fit, and safer too.

This unique system is made of aluminium and incorporates an innovative, hidden mechanical fixing mechanism using nylon fixing plugs. It is available in metallic and wood finishes. The easy-to-fit TCS Flat Top system is particularly suited for areas where the flooring on either side of the gap is at the same level. It is also a perfect finish for areas making use of different floorcoverings, be they tile, laminate or carpets of the same height, and covers gaps between two differing floor finishes up to 30mm.

The TCR pivot system incorporated into the fixing system offers greater flexibility for varying installations, while the engineered TCR profile will accommodate height differentials of up to 18mm. Detailed serrations along the exposed area offer additional grip and protection against traffic. This easy-to-install cover system makes the profile ideal for use between two floor levels such as carpets and tiles or tiles and laminates.

Now with the new base profile, the TCR offers allot more versatility. The unique TTG Multiflex system, base & cover, not only offers the aesthetic advantages of the TCR cover but eliminates the need to pre-drill the substrate by utilising the gripper punched base and a set of 10 nylon connectors. These enable the cover section to achieve a height differential of between 9 – 20mm, while the self-adjusting pivoting system will accommodate a maximum height variance of 20mm.

The TCG Multiflex base is suitable for carpet installation and the TCC Multiflex base is suitable for all other floorcoverings like laminate flooring, tiles, wood and vinyl.


The CAS and NAS ranges of Aluminium profiles are supplied with a specially formulated adhesive on the underside and coated with release paper. Once the profile has been bonded to the prepared floorcovering, it becomes secure within minutes to ensure a strong hold that protects and is aesthetically pleasing.


When faced with two different heights, the TGA system is able to provide effective transition solutions, and is suitable for use with most smooth and hard floorcoverings. The Z-section of the Z-Bar makes it easy to compress and therefore creates an effective transition between different heights and types of floor finishes.

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