Flawless Flooring

by Darren
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Placing an emphasis on the prominent role that natural stone flooring plays in this vibrant sector.

Stone flooring in South Africa seems to be on the increase and capturing a considerable proportion of the overall flooring market, with colour choices steering back towards the more natural organic colour ranges. The Quartz Carpet product offering of Seamless Flooring Systems (SFS) in South Africa has played a substantial role for the remarkable growth of the industry over the past few years.

Placing a substantial focus on environmental issues, the stones used in Quartz Carpet are washed, fire-dried, have a residual moisture content of less than 0,2% and are 99% SiO2 graded into the different stone sizes. The end-product complies with stringent ISO 9002 and EU regulations.

SFS always prepares the surface with a specially formulated adhesive primer, which bonds to a wide variety of substrates including tiles. This primer provides additional bonding that gives the floor increased strength. When a primer is applied it dramatically increases the system strength, resulting in a strong and durable floor.

Quartz Carpet is a seamless natural quartz flooring system which is trowel-applied on site, utilising imported glacial stones and a clear resin binder. SFS only uses the highest quality resins for all of its floors. Other systems may use inferior epoxy resins that either yellow in the sun, become brittle and crumble, and/or has a tendency to ‘chalk’ or become white. The ratio of resin to stone in SFS quartz floors is far higher than other stone flooring systems and the more resin (binder) used, the stronger the floor.

These exquisite interior and 100% UV-stable exterior floor finishes are available in open or closed-pore structures, two aggregate sizes and a large variety of colours, which results in unrivalled aesthetics and performance criteria.

As noted, the naturally tumbled quartz stone is extremely hard, measuring eight on the Measure of Hardness (MOH) scale, (where a diamond measures 10) and is at the same time impact- and abrasion-resistant.

Local crushed quartz stone should not be used in flooring systems as the stones themselves are distressed and as such, are filled with cracks and fissures caused by the crushing or mining process. Floors using these stones are destined to disappoint or fail!

Quartz Carpet (almost 30 years old worldwide) is available in over 24 countries, and its properties are well suited to the harsh African climate. SFS has invested in developing fully trained and licenced applicators in all major centres and is expanding throughout Africa.

Quartz Carpet is easy to maintain and clean, and can be applied over tiles and is underfloor heating compliant.

Over the past decade a trend has emerged to create clean-looking seamless floors with no grout lines. Several tile suppliers offer a seamless effect, with precision-cut rectified tiles. However, no other flooring products are as adaptable to curved edges and undulating surfaces, while still being neat and seamless. No other flooring system accommodates easy barefoot living, whether internal or external, quite as naturally as Quartz Carpet stone floors.

For further information: 086 178 2789 / info@seamlessflooring.co.za / www.seamlessflooring.co.za

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