Flattening and preparing floors for coating and overlays

by Ofentse Sefolo
Flattening and preparing floors for coating and overlays

The look, feel and performance of a successful flooring installation depend on one thing: preparation. Diamond Products, which offers a range of floor grinding equipment and grinding systems to flatten and prepare floors to the highest standards, gives the following break-down of the subfloor preparation needed to flatten and prepare a concrete floor:

When it comes to grinding a floor, contractors traditionally use either a 30/40 grit or 60/80 Grit size diamond tool to expose and flatten the flooring surface. Following this, all holes are filled with either a self-levelling concrete or a P3 Concrete Filler. The filler or self-levelling concrete is then ground with a 50 Grit resin tool to create an excellent bond, and the overlay is applied.

When flooring contractors use high quality diamond tooling that has a range of grits on a triple head floor grinder, the preparation of the floor can be carried out in the minimum amount of time and in dustless conditions. With the unique triple head counter rotating system, Diamond Products’ grinder will remove imperfections such as bumps and rough patches giving the contractor a surface which is level and free of imperfections.

For more information, contact Diamond Products on +27 (11) 552 8310 or via www.diamondpc.co.za.

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