Fixing mosaics right the first time

by Tania Wannenburg
Fixing mosaics right the first

Douglas Jones’ mosaic fix ensures perfect mosaic installations.

Mosaics can be quite tricky to install since they are prone to more movement than normal tiles. To absorb the additional movement of the sheets and ensure the installation is kept perfectly in place, quick-setting, high-tensile strength adhesive is required.

In order to provide the building industry with the ability to deliver flawless mosaic installations and peace of mind that they will stay this way, Douglas Jones has teamed up with Weber-Tylon, an international manufacturer and supplier of quality adhesives, to develop the Douglas Jones Mosaic-fix.

Designed with anti-slip properties to ensure a perfect installation, this high-strength mosaic fix is easy to mix, easy to apply and sets in just six hours, saving both time and money due to a quicker installation period. In addition, it boasts a low-dust formulation and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, both interior and exterior. The Douglas Jones Mosaic-fix is available in white and grey cement.

According to marketing director, Kitty Douglas-Jones, the company is always keeping abreast of trends and ever-changing needs in the building industry and the development of this mosaic fix is another example of this.

“Having been established in 1999 to service a need in the ceramic tile business for more mosaic, decor and tile accent products, Douglas Jones imports unique, fashionable and inspiring mosaic and decorative tiles from all over the world and mirrors the taste of international interior design studios and architectural firms,” she states.

The company has also established a South African production department where more than 20 designers are dedicated to create uniquely tailored patterns fades and mixes according to client needs. “Known as the Creative Assembly, this department sets us apart,” says Douglas-Jones.

This year, the company celebrates its 15th year of trade in the tile industry, and will have many different promotions and give-aways during the year. Look out for its EST99 logo on various gifts and promotional items. As the company has branched out to include decorative tiles, its slogan has also been amended to “Douglas Jones – the tile décor collection”.

Douglas Jones
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