Five frequently asked questions about cement coatings

by Tania Wannenburg
5 FAQs About cement coatings CEMCRETE

Right on trend, cement-based wall finishes are a unique alternative to paint. Cemcrete answers some frequently asked questions.

Cement wall finishes can be applied as a unique alternative to paint. To give some insight into this option, Cemcrete has answered a few frequently asked questions:

1.    Why are cement finishes so popular?
They are timeless and fit nicely into various trends as they provide an adaptable, solid base.

2.    Is Cemcrete suitable for all areas?
Yes. Bathroom walls can extend into the shower or bath, creating a seamless look. Kitchen walls are also great because it is easy to wipe up spills. For these applications, Cemcrete cement finishes need to be sealed with either a matt or gloss sealer. For exterior walls, Cemcrete offers a range of finishes durable enough to withstand the African conditions.

3.    What colours, finishes and textures are available?
All Cemcrete finishes are available in a range of natural colours and the final outcome will have natural mottling and subtle movement. Finishes are smooth or textured, and trowel-on finishes can be further enhanced with imprinting mats to create a myriad of beautiful finishes including rock, wood, textured tiles and more.

4.    What are the installation challenges?
Cement-based finishes take time to apply, but as a result last a lifetime. Cemcrete products are hand-applied by trained independent contractors, adding to the uniqueness of the product in that each hand has its own technique and character.

5.    What about maintenance?
Once installed and finished off with the correct sealer, the cement-based finish is very easy to clean and maintain. A good quality sealer is applied to help resist water, stains, dirt and abrasives.

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