Fit-for-Purpose Flooring

by Darren
Traviata Jnl513

The concept of “fit for purpose” flooring has taken on a new reality as a number of old age homes, frail care centres and clinics use a new generation of interlocking luxury vinyl flooring.

Traviloc Allure combines great aesthetics with excellent hygiene and easy maintenance. Manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl, Traviloc is “Floor Score” certified in terms of indoor air quality, meeting the VOC emissions requirements for use in home, classroom, office and commercial environments.

It is also completely formaldehyde-free and as easy to maintain as tiled surfaces. The vinyl offers a surface that is much warmer underfoot and reduces the risk of breakages if glass or ceramic objects are dropped.

Traviloc is now also available in wide-plank format in a new range of wood grain patterns featuring an ultra-low-gloss IRE (in register embossed) finish and the improved “Gen 13” locking mechanism.

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