Commemorating two decades of distinction, Floors International South Africa (FISA) stands tall amidst the flooring industry’s dynamic growth. The company has shown constant commitment to providing high-quality floor coverings and innovation in the practical application of flooring solutions. 

With a foundation of service excellence and a history of customer satisfaction, FISA has helped its clients set new benchmarks and redefined the concept of stylish and sustainable floor coverings across a wide range of market segments. 

Transforming perceptions 

Founded in 2003 by the late Iquabal Sindhi, FISA embarked on a journey to transform the industry perception of flooring as an afterthought, to an integral and inspiring component of how spaces can be reconceived. The company provides an extensive range of premium flooring solutions, ensuring that their clients get the right type of floor for every application. 

Key considerations for healthcare 

Integrating design and aesthetic appeal, FISA’s key considerations include functionality, durability, safety, sustainability, sanitisation, practicality and reduced maintenance costs. This approach ensures that their healthcare flooring solutions contribute positively to patient well-being and environmental considerations, while addressing each client’s unique operational needs. 

Case study: Cintocare and Biomedical Research Facility 

Recent milestones were specifying and supplying floor coverings for the Cintocare Head & Neck Hospital and the Biomedical Research Facility. 

Cintocare located in Tshwane, is the first Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) five-star rated green hospital in Africa.  

Today, FISA remains a family-owned and -run business now led by the founder’s daughter, Homairah Sindhi, who brings a dynamic and proactive approach, consistently pushing boundaries and taking pride in spending high-quality time with clients to ensure that every project is tailored to perfection. 

Heritage brand continues 20 years’ success with healthcare flooring solutions. 

For more information, contact Floors International SA:
Tel: 0861 999 121

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