Entrance matting plays a key role in protecting a floor, lengthening its lifespan and maintaining its good looks.

Before making a decision on entrance matting, be sure to consider the following factors:

1. Size matters
The effectiveness of a mat depends largely on the size of the mat. Studies have shown that 10-20 steps should be taken over the entrance mat to completely get rid of dirt underfoot.

2. Dirty Business
On average, one person brings in 0.58 grams of dirt under their shoes. Multiply that by the number of people representing total daily foot traffic and it becomes apparent how much dirt is entering a building, not to mention the damage that this dirt causes to the flooring.

3. Top or bottom?
Recessed matting allows the mat to be on the same level as the surrounding floor surface (not on top or deeper). This option contains the dirt within the recessed area, making it easy to clean, and ensuring trolley movement over the area is unaffected.

4. In or out?
Location will affect the type of material used for the selected matting. Should the mat be placed indoors or outdoors, or a bit of both? Also bear in mind that the mat needs to reach 7m to accommodate enough customer footsteps to guarantee that the maximum amount of dirt is removed.

5. Clean-up time
Mat cleaning must be incorporated into the store cleaning routine, otherwise mats will fail to perform.

It is recommended that the above points be taken into consideration as there are no second chances to make a first impression.