First for SA: a metal roof specification APP

by Tania Wannenburg
First for SA

Safintra has launched a web application that will simplify metal roof and cladding specifications.


Steel roofing company, Safintra, recently launched an APP that will simplify metal roof and cladding specifications. This app is a first-of-its-kind in the local roofing industry and it is aimed at architects, specifiers and built environment professionals.

The MySpec app is available as a free download for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones from Google Play and the Apple store, with both tablet and smartphone versions. The app was specifically designed for viewing on smartphone screens. It may also be accessed free from the Safintra website by clicking on the MySpec icon on the home page.

The app prompts the user through 12 questions on the roof design (with supporting documentation available at every step) to arrive at an end specification that is both accurate and appropriate for the project and design.

As you progress, the purlin spacings are automatically adjusted for the specific criteria in question, and the end-result is a bespoke purlin spacing suited to the specific building location and design.

The final specification can then be emailed to yourself, your colleagues or people who are part of the project, or to the nearest Safintra office for a quote. The specification can also be combined into a specification document.

12 steps to specification

1. Roofing
2. Terrain
3. Location
4. Wind zone
5. Roof height
6. Sheet length
7. Profile
8. Material
9. Gauge
10. Finish
11. Purlin / Girt material
12. Pitch

“As more of our clients work in Southern and Eastern Africa, this app makes huge sense.  Information is available 24/7 on any mobile device and technical support is an email away. This is the true meaning of seamless support,” commented Sally Stromnes, group marketing manager of Safintra, the roofing business units in the Safal Group, the largest metal roofing company in Africa.

Safintra South Africa
Tel: 011 323 6300
Website: www.safintra.co.za and www.safintra.com



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