Terraco South Africa’s Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) Alpha System made construction history when it became our country’s first cladding system to pass the stringent South African National Standards (SANS) 8414-2-2017 fire-performance test for both standard and external cladding systems.

South African law dictates that all external cladding systems require an internationally accredited fire-performance test, which must be undertaken and passed before any product can be awarded the SANS certification. This ensures that all insulated facade cladding systems fixed to non-loadbearing substrates are not just manufactured with thermal performance in mind, but also prioritise fire-safety compliance.

This vigorous and large-scale fire-performance test of Terraco’s EIFS/ETICS (Exterior Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) Alpha Systems was commissioned by Terraco South Africa, in conjunction with the nominated and certified insulation supplier, Technopol (Pty) Ltd – a manufacturer of certified FrCel® fire-retarded expanded polystyrene and mineral-wool firebreaks.

Passing the test means that the Terraco EIFS Alpha System is suitable for use on the fire-rated substrate of lightweight steel frame (LSF) with non-combustible sheathing boards, making it the first South African system to bear this rating. Architects and specifiers can now specify Terraco’s facade systems with assurance for building projects in South Africa.

First and only

This is the first test completed by FireLab, on the only test rig in South Africa – making the Terraco/Technopol collaboration the first and only EIFS system to have successfully passed SANS 8414-2 in the country.

Lammie de Beer, managing director of Technopol SA explains that after proper sealing, thermal insulation is the most important building component to ensure energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Without this component a building will need very costly heating and cooling devices which also goes against the desperate fight to slow global warming. Introducing any new element into a building invariably increases risk of fire spread and this needs to be mitigated by proper system design plus accredited large scale testing and verification to prevent fire disasters.

Technopol SA is a local producer of the LiteCel® range of expanded polystyrene and related insulation products, and has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accreditation.

Technopol and Terraco selected every element in this EIFS system with great care. Every part of the system plays a vital role to collectively harness the fire integrity of the system. This means that if one element is altered, the result may well be very different.

“This test allows our clients to know that the Terraco EIFS Alpha System is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the fire-safety building regulations/requirements for building facades in South Africa,” concludes Margaux de Villiers, national sales director of Terraco South Africa. Terraco is a leader in the design, formulation and production of environmentally friendly finishing materials, performance products and systems for the construction industry.

For more information, contact:
Technopol SA (Pty) Ltd:
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Website: www.technopol.co.za

Terraco South Africa
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Website: www.terraco.com/za

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