Fire, ventilation and screening louvre solutions at DEA

by Darren
free ventilation and screening louvre

Robertson Ventilation supplied and installed fire control, natural ventilation and screening louvre solutions at the Department of Environmental Affairs.


Robertson Ventilation is an international leader in mechanical and natural ventilation systems for commercial and industrial applications. The company has been in the construction industry since 1918 and, through its associations with Colt International, it is able to bring Colt’s 80 years of experience and knowledge in the design and supply of solar shading and ventilation louvre systems to South Africa.
The company was recently able to showcase its diverse product offering and to provide the professional team of the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) project with both functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Robertson Ventilation Industries supplied and installed fire control and natural ventilation systems, as well as ventilation and screening louvre products at the new, sustainable building in Tshwane.
Ventilation and screening louvres at the DEA
In order to meet the architect’s specific requirements, RVI Architectural Solutions supplied three different louvre systems, including the RVI C120 aluminium profile extruded louvre blade complete with polycarbonate clips and vermin mesh for the basement screening and ventilation. The polycarbonate clips allow for thermal expansion of the louvre blade and ensure that the blades do not rattle against the rafters.
A screening louvre was needed for the roof level of the building, leading RVI Architectural Solutions to supply the Colt C100 aluminium profile extruded louvre blade system. This louvre is sleek as well as sophisticated, and it comes standard with the patented Colt polycarbonate clip system and extruded aluminium rafter. The RVI feature louvre blade system was also supplied and installed on various facades of the building. The louvre blade system was framed and powder-coated to specification.
Fire and natural ventilation solutions
Fire barriers and natural ventilation systems were installed by the RVI SHEVS division. A virtually continuous barrier against smoke and hot gasses (which is produced during a fire) was created by the Colt FM1 Fire Curtains that were installed on site. Upon the loss of power or a signal from the alarm panel, the fire curtain automatically descends in order to protect the occupants of the building. This state-of-the-art fire barrier has been tested to EN 1634-1 and is classified E60-C in accordance with EN 13501-2: 2007.
Natural ventilation and replacement air within the building are facilitated by the window actuators that RVI installed. These actuators are controlled via the BMS and monitored by the weather station on site, which affords the client flexibility to naturally ventilate the building when required.
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