To safeguard human lives and comply with insurance requirements, wall and ceiling systems selected for buildings should have proven fire-safety properties.

Fire protection is a primary consideration in building construction where lives and livelihoods are on the line. Therefore, wall and ceiling systems selected by architects and builders should have a proven track-record of reliability and effectiveness.

To ensure human safety and for the purpose of requirements by insurance companies, the majority of new buildings not only comply with the minimum SANS10400 fire regulation requirements set out in the National Building Regulations Act, but rather exceed these in terms of fire safety.

Providing for these high fire-safety requirements, Marley Building Systems takes pride in the reliability and effectiveness of its fire-rated systems. The company’s extensive range of fire-protection products and systems has undergone exhaustive testing and has been refined again and again to beat broad and exacting regulatory standards.

Fire-resistant plasterboard
Siniat plasterboards, formerly branded under the Lafarge Gypsum name, have a gypsum core which enables positive spread-of-flame test results. Siniat plasterboard systems are therefore capable of achieving fire resistance of 30, 60 and 120 minutes.

In instances where high levels of fire protection are required, Siniat’s Firecheck plasterboard of either 12,5mm or 15mm thickness may be specified.

Siniat Firecheck plasterboard, differentiated by its covering of pink paper lining, contains exfoliated vermiculite and fibreglass strands within the gypsum core to increase fire resistance. It is recommended for use in areas where additional fire resistance is required, including kitchens, record and filing rooms, fire escapes and specified office partitions.

Siniat plasterboards are made to comply and exceed even the highest norms and needs in drywall systems constructions.

Tested and certified
All of Marley Building Systems’ Siniat plasterboard options carry the SANS266 SABS mark. The eco-friendly product also carries the Global Green Tag GBCSA Level B and LCARate Bronze certification.

To get the best results out of Siniat plasterboards systems, specially created accessories are available – from screws and tapes to metal joints and anchoring rods. Connectors for walls with sound insulation properties can also be obtained for specific applications.

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Internal partition systems:
•    30min fire resistance partition system 64 – 30/1 (4,2m) – 12mm Standard Plasterboard (partition width 89mm) – one layer each side.
•    60min fire resistance partition system LPF 64-F60/1 – 15mm Firecheck Plasterboard (partition width 94mm) – one layer each side.
•    60min fire resistance partition system LPS 64-F60/2 – 12mm Standard Plasterboard (partition width 112mm) – double layer each side.
•    120min fire resistance partition system LPF 64 – F120/1 – 12,5mm Firecheck Plasterboard (partition width 115mm) – 0,5mm galvanised steel between double layer of Firecheck Plasterboard on each side.
•    120min fire resistance partition system LPF 64 – F120/3 – 15mm Firecheck Plasterboard (partition width 124mm) – double layer each side.

Caption: For this residential flush-plastered ceiling, Siniat 12mm Standard Plasterboard was used.