Finest quality bricks

by Madelein
Finest quality bricks

Main image: Rosema Bricks product range, can be used in different building techniques, as can be seen in this prestige face brick project.

Local clay-brick manufacturer, Rosema Bricks, has been in operation for more than 36 years, thanks to its unwavering focus on just that – offering premium quality face-brick products in a range of modern colours and textures, each manufactured to the highest FBS standards.

Producing a staggering 34 million bricks annually, the company’s recent investment in the upgrading of its plant with the latest and most advanced technology now gives it a definitive advantage in terms of operational excellence and efficiency.

Investing in the latest technology

Theo Rosema (CEO) of this family-owned business explains: “We have invested heavily in the latest technology, including a setting machine, which has the unique ability to pre-groove each brick and to create rounded corners face-side, followed by cutting with a state-of-the-art push-up cutter. The bricks are then robotically packed onto the kiln cars, where they are fired in the upgraded tunnel kiln, using the latest in gas-fired and environmentally friendly technology.”

Rosema Bricks prides itself on delivering the finest quality bricks, assuring a final product which delivers unsurpassed durability and beauty, backed by a high level of customer service.

For more information, contact Rosema Bricks:
Tel: +27 12 460 2211 extension 1
Email: suzette@rosema.co.za or sales@rosema.co.za
Website: www.rosema.co.za

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