Beaulieu Fibres International, the largest and most differentiated European staple fibre producer, turned the spotlight on future-focused solutions for nonwovens & engineered fabrics at IDEA®22 held from 28-31 March 2022 A key priority was an innovation in polyolefin and BICO fibres to advance sustainable design, end-of-life recyclability and resource and carbon footprint reduction for industrial and hygiene applications.

Sustainability is key

Maria Teresa Tomaselli, General Manager, Beaulieu Fibres International said, “We offer fibres that build futures: we are proud to support customers with our complete product portfolio and versatility in finding solutions to shape the future developments of our world.”

Sustainability is key to Beaulieu Fibres International’s long-term strategy, and the company is heavily focused on defining its green portfolio to support evolution in diverse market applications.

Bio-based fibres

From June 2022, Beaulieu Fibres International will offer ISCC+ certification on mono-PP and BICO PP/PE fibres. The fibres will be offered in 1,3-8,9 dtex and will be available with all the main available finish classes (i.e., hydrophilic, hydrophobic, etc.) suitable for the main carding and consolidation technologies. These drop-in solutions, with no loss in quality, will support customers looking to reduce reliance on virgin fossil carbon in their nonwoven and engineered fibre applications.

Sustainable design

The durability of the fibres means that customers can use less raw material for a longer service lifetime, supporting more sustainable design in addition to resource reduction.

For hygiene nonwovens, the Meralux fibres provide significant sustainable design advantages. Meralux fibres deliver substantial sustainability benefits including around 55% savings in raw materials, with equivalent carbon emission savings. These emission savings are thanks to weight reduction in nonwovens with the same coverage level and higher recyclability of PP/PE compared to BICO materials.

Target more eco-friendly product design with single polymer fibres

UltraBond innovative bonding staple fibres can now replace chemical binders. One hundred percent polypropylene (PP) needle punched fabrics meet the same performance requirements as traditional constructions, are fully recyclable and will reduce waste generation and the ecological footprint.

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