Fibre-reinforced vinyl for transport industry

by Ofentse Sefolo
Fibre-reinforced vinyl for transport industry

As a transport company, you know that commuters’ expectations are high. To ensure a clean and safe environment in paid travel infrastructure, floor maintenance needs to be a daily regime.

Safety starts long before passengers climb into a bus and flooring plays an important part in meeting these clean, safe and slip-resistant requirements. The right transport floor provides a safer surface to walk on and reduces the risk of commuters slipping and falling in the small space they need to share with other passengers.

Flooring for the coach and bus industry

FloorworX Transport is an embossed fibre-reinforced vinyl floor covering designed to meet the requirements of the coach and bus industry for durability, slip resistance, ease of cleaning and resistance to aggressive agents. Non-woven fibre is incorporated into the under-layer of the product that it is available in sheeting form and consists of a glass fibre screen stabilised vinyl core with Silicon Carbide particles embedded in the upper-layer.

The two ranges of flooring within the Transport collection are Ecoflex Hepta and Ecoflex Sigma. These products withstand the high passenger traffic through rain, shine and from urban centres to the outlying rural reaches of our cities, while giving designers what they need to beautify the spaces.

For more information, contact FloorworX:
Tel: +27 (11) 406 4024
Website: www.floorworx.co.za

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