Fibre-cement board matches modern demands

by Darren
Fibre cement board matches modern demands CAPCO

SHERA Board combines high-impact strength with moisture and fire resistance properties, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Combining high-impact strength with moisture and fire resistance properties, SHERA Board is a perfect choice for building board applications such as wall cladding, wall partitioning and decorative walling.
The board is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications, as well as schools and hospitals, especially where speedy construction, cleanliness and hygiene are of high importance.
Satisfying the demands of modern design
SHERA Board is a non-asbestos, fibre-cement product composed of Portland cement, cellulose fibre and refined sand. Through a special manufacturing process called autoclave, SHERA Board acquires the strength and durability of cement, the easy workability of wood as well as dimensional stability.
A non-combustible, multi-purpose, fibre-cement flat board, SHERA Board comes in various thicknesses which are suitable for ceiling, wall and floor installations, both interior and exterior.
These boards can be perfectly calibrated and then laminated or coated with other materials such as wood veneer.
Building material class
SHERA boards are non-combustible and correspond to materials in building material class A2-s1, d0 (s1 = no smoke, d0 = no combustible drips), in accordance with EN13501-1.

Technical data
 Physical properties    
 Thickness tolerance                           + 6%
 Density                                                  1 300 +  50kg/m³ 
 Modulus of rupture                              > 7MPa (wet) 
 Modulus of elasticity                           5 500 + 50MPa (wet)
 Water absorption                                < 35% 
 Moisture content                                 < 12%
 Water tightness                                  Pass
 pH value                                               7-8
 Thermal conductivity                          0,15W/m.K
 Acoustic insulation                             STC = 30dB (6mm single board)
                                                               STC = 50 – 60dB (10mm composite wall)
 Moisture movement                           + 0,4%
 Fire resistance properties     
 Ignitibility                                              Pass
 Fire Propagation Index                      I = 0,1
 Surface spread of flame                   Class 1 
 Reaction to fire classification           A2 – s1 d0
 Durability properties     
 Freeze / thaw resistance                  Pass
 Warm water resistance                     Pass
 Heat / rain resistance                        Pass
 Soak / dry resistance                         Pass

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Caption: SHERA Board was applied as external wall cladding at the Food Lovers Market in Hillcrest, Durban.

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