Renovation projects often have short lead times, so that homeowners can move back in or commercial spaces can resume trading in the shortest time possible.  

 In tiled areas, the chipping out of old tiles and rubble removal are both labour-intensive and dusty. Amari Trading offers a wall cladding solution that is easy to install for a fast-tracked project. 

 Elegant slab appeal 

 D-Stona PVC marble sheets are a high-quality engineered marble with limestone as a major component. It can be installed over existing tiles, with an installation that is easy and quick, simply gluing into place. This makes bathroom and kitchen wall renovations a fuss-free and largely dust-free project. D-Stona cladding can even be used inside the shower cubicle, as it is waterproof. 

 The sheets are available in 1,2mm and 2,5mm thicknesses, and are 1 220mm x 2 440mm in size, taking the space from a tiled look to that of large-format slabs. D-Stona also offers acoustic benefits that are ideal for a bathroom renovation. To complement these sheets, Amari Trading stocks beautiful mouldings in various marble and wooden textures. 


  • Wide range of designs including marble, stone and wood. 
  • Easy and quick installations. 
  • Available in matt, gloss and textured finishes. 
  • Recyclable. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Fire retardant, waterproof and termite-proof. 
  • Extremely durable. 

 Additional uses 

D-Stona cladding can be applied on any interior walls, including curved walls or pillars. The sheets are ideal for creating splashbacks and feature walls, and can be used for false ceilings and bulkheads. It can also be used on tables, countertops, bedroom and kitchen cupboards. 

Issue: Quick and clean renovations for tiled surfaces.

Solution: PVC wall cladding can be applied over existing tiled walls for a fast-tracked project with minimal mess.

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