Fast-reactive emulsion waterproofs instantly

by Tania Wannenburg
Fast reactive emulsion

Mapei’s new Plastimul 2K Reactive waterproofing solution provides immediate waterproofing on structures.

Mapei South Africa has added another technology innovation to its comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions. Plastimul 2K Reactive is a solvent-free, eco-compatible, bitumen waterproofing emulsion that provides instantaneous cover.

Sprayed on, it gives immediate waterproofing of structures below ground, for example the outside of foundations and retaining walls, as well as on practically any horizontal and vertical surfaces that are not exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. It is suitable for all types of concrete and cellular concrete surfaces, limestone, pumice, lightweight brick and breeze-block masonry, render and screeds.

Sprayed-on membrane
Plastimul 2K Reactive is applied using an airless spray device that keeps the product’s two components separate until they emerge from the spray nozzle, after which they blend and immediately begin to set.

This forms a partially hardened membrane, which is highly flexible, waterproof and resistant to leaching. The tough, fully-cured membrane has a high elasticity and crack-bridging capacity, and prevents the ingress of water even at high positive pressures.

User- and environmentally friendly
Plastimul 2K Reactive has been developed by the international Mapei group, a producer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for construction.

A primary concern of Mapei in developing its products is the health and safety of users as well as care for the environment. Being solvent-free, Plastimul 2K Reactive is non-flammable and eco-compatible. In addition, user-friendly acrylic paint systems can be used for over-coating.  

Concrete roofs – dealing with UV
In applications such as the sealing or refurbishment of concrete roofs, which inevitably are exposed to UV sunlight, the Plastimul 2K Reactive membrane can still be applied and protected from the UV with a suitable reflective finish such as two coats of Mapei Aquaflex Roof HR reflective paint.

Local application and guarantee
Still a unique product in South Africa, Plastimul 2K Reactive has attracted the attention of local waterproofing contractors. This bitumen waterproofing emulsion is proving to be a particularly well-received solution for waterproofing retaining walls and concrete roofs that frequently present challenges for traditional waterproofing systems.

If a project is undertaken by a Mapei South Africa approved applicator, the waterproofing membrane is guaranteed against deterioration for ten years and a full quality control system is provided free of charge by Mapei South Africa’s technical personnel.

Mapei South Africa
Tel: 011 552 8476
Website: www.mapei.co.za

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