Housing structures for farm workers at Welgemeen Boerdery have been waterproofed, following the effects of gradual deterioration, as well as damage caused during recent farmworker strikes. These factors had resulted in serious leakages in the houses. After careful consideration, Sika’s David van der Ross recommended that Sika’s Sealoflex Professional would be the ideal product for the project, since it not only provides waterproofing but a fibre-reinforced membrane as well.

Sealoflex Professional, a single-component, acrylic-based, flexible, waterproofing compound, contains special fibre reinforcement that eliminates the application of a separate reinforcing membrane. Since no special cleaners are required prior to application of Sealoflex Professional, the roofs and walls of the huts were hosed with high-pressure cleaners after removal of the existing membranes and paint layers.
This Sika product provides good adhesion to most common, sound, roofing substrates, on flat or tiled roofs, and may be applied onto any existing roof waterproofing system.

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