Flooring Q&A: Did you know?

by Tania Wannenburg

How can I get creative with epoxy painted floors?

Before committing to any paint scheme, strip all previous finishes and materials down to a bare, solid surface; repair blemishes like holes and bumps; remove tacks from previous floors; then scrub and rinse floors until they sparkle.

1.    Mosaic Magic
Choose a pattern that you like, and take it with you to the paint store to match it against colour chips when buying your paint. Transfer the image to your floor using a grid system – draw squares on the floor scaled to match the squares on your paper – to enlarge the pattern, then paint. Finish it with clear urethane sealer to protect your faux mosaic.
2.    Faux Effects
Study your favourite faux techniques, and practise on a piece of plywood or concrete paver before tackling the floor. Remember to use the same primer you will use on the floor to prime your test pieces so the finished results will look the same on both.
3.    Stunning Stencils
AN interesting way to stencil your floor is to paint it a solid colour, then use a temporary glue to fasten leaves, cut-out paper shapes etc. to the floor and paint over them in a contrasting colour. While the paint is slightly wet, remove the patterns for beautiful stencil effects where the bottom colour shines through.

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