Façade panelling system for eye-catching exteriors

by Darren
facade panelling

Creativity in South African architecture is set to gain yet another dimension with the addition of a façade panelling system to the range of Rheinzink titanium zinc products .

“Interest in the application of Rheinzink for façade cladding has been growing steadily,” says Stephen Wilkinson, regional sales director of Rheinzink (South Africa).

“An eye-catching example is the recently completed Alexander Forbes building in Sandton, Johannesburg, where Rheinzink, because of its flexibility, enabled various shapes and forms to be used that other building elements could not achieve.

“Now, with the introduction of the Rheinzink reveal panel system, architects have even more freedom to implement dramatic designs, such as curves, allowing buildings to be optimised whatever their shape,” Wilkinson says.

The reveal panels are made of Rheinzink “pre-weathered” material that have blue-grey and graphite-grey patinas and come with a marginal profile on both edges. The panels are produced locally using roll formers.

Individual panels are connected to each other on site, using the tongue-and-groove system that allows for quick and easy installation by façade contractors. The reveal panels can be installed vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in any combination of these.

The standard panel width is 225mm with a variable joint width dimension of between 0 and 30mm. However, variable panel and joint width dimensions are available, as a special coil import. Panel lengths are up to four metres.

Wilkinson says the panel system, with the profile surface remaining flat, presents a more assembled look, in contrast to the crafted angle-standing seam system.

Since the Rheinzink systems are fitted as bracket-mounted, rear-ventilated façades, they provide buildings with durable, maintenance-free, weather-proof layers. “Apart from application in contemporary buildings, they have also proven to be highly successful in renovations,” says Wilkinson.

Rheinzink’s position as an international market leader in façade cladding, roofing and roof drainage products has been founded on the natural properties of zinc. All Rheinzink products are 99% pure zinc, with defined additions of titanium and copper. “This makes the products different from others on the market as they are not merely coated with zinc,” says Wilkinson.

“This process allows for maximum structural integrity and a service life of between 80 and 120 years, even in harsh seaside environments,” he adds.

Backed by a 30-year material quality guarantee – the maximum allowed under German law – Rheinzink carries top German and European quality certificates and the environment certificate AUB based on lifecycle analysis (LCA).

“The amount of energy required to obtain and process zinc is extremely low and Rheinzink’s products can be fully recycled. Its high-quality appearance, many different processing options and the harmony of its colour with other construction materials ensure that it is an ideal material for façade and wall cladding and roofing,” says Wilkinson. 

To complement the national availability of Rheinzink products and systems, the company’s South African office offers a comprehensive support service, inclu¬ding technical assistance on application techniques and specifications for planners and installers.

Tel: 012 671 2600
Email: info@rheinzink.co.za
Website: www.rheinzink.co.za

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