Extra-long roof sheets for shopping centre

by Darren
Extra long roof sheets

Global Roofing Solutions’ Klip-Tite roof profile was specified for the Forest Hill City roof.

The extensive roof of the Forest Hill City shopping centre in Centurion is made up of Global Roofing Solutions’ 0,5mm Klip-Tite roofing profile, coated with Chromadek® Fish Eagle White, covering a total area of 95 000m².

Klip-Tite is a new-generation, concealed fix roof sheeting with superior wind uplift capabilities. Manufactured from certified ISQ550 (3T) steel, it is 700mm wide and roll-formed in continuous lengths. On-site rolling makes sheet lengths in excess of transportable limits possible, with the longest sheet rolled on the Forest Hill City site being 70,8m long.

According to architect Michael Du Toit from LYT Architecture, the profile catered well for the gentle 3° slopes and allowed for the large expanses to be covered quickly which assisted with the very tight construction programme.

“Another reason why Klip-Tite was specified for this project is due to it being a relatively thin gauge product and therefore light weight reducing the size of the steel members required to support the sheeting. This is therefore cost effective while still being extremely durable and hardy. We’ve worked with Klip-Lok 700 previously but found Klip-Tite to be tougher for the application due it having a ribbed flat sheet making it stronger,” Du Toit explains.

The profile has four trapezoidal ribs at 233mm centres, giving a net cover of 700mm wide.

White and bright
The Chromadek® Fish Eagle White colour was specifically requested by the client, but its purpose is more than just aesthetics. The light colour reflects the sunrays and heat, helping to insulate the building and control thermal comfort in the building.

Wind uplift resistance
The Klip-Tite roof profile has been developed and advanced through continuous in-house testing by Global Roofing Solutions to achieve excellent wind uplift resistance. Transverse stiffeners were introduced to form structural members spanning across the width of the pan, therefore reducing deflection of the pan during high wind loads. In addition, to strengthen the clip, additional stiffeners were added to the KL700 clip to achieve a balanced system design. The ultimate wind uplift resistance of Klip-Tite is 1,8kPa.

“Klip-Tite is a good, well-recognised and well-used product, and we would absolutely use it again,” Du Toit concludes.

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