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Lighter colours and geometric patterns drive the decking and exterior surface trends for 2023.

The exterior flooring and decking trends for 2023 are refined and sophisticated, with natural materials and brighter colours. Material choice scan range in price from budget to top spec, but these solutions can suit every pocket and any taste.

Colour and pattern

White is the new black and the colours are sharper than they ever have been. Combinations of materials should be harmonious, simple and geometric.

Design patterns for exterior surfaces with scope in the investment have reverted to the more formal. Zig Zag, Herringbone and Chevron are from the 20s, and 30s, with a revival in the 60s and 70s. They are back and the geometry in design is popular with both designers and clients.

Decking design for 2023

Patterns in decking layouts have been around for years. This time around, it’s the simplicity of the pattern. Chevron and Herringbone are the go-to patterns for 2023. They create an angular displacement that defines a space in a very stylish way. Perimeter banding with a simple decking layout works well with an inner banding to surround the Chevron pattern.

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New light and soft colour palettes are stylish, showcased in naturally grained composite decking, with hues of light honey, caramel and cooler, light greys.

New materials in decking

An exciting material in decking is an acetylated timber that is knot-free, smooth and silvers to an immaculate silver grey.

Paving that is perfect

Single-size paving units provide a simple pattern, less fuss and simple lines. The larger units, such as 900mm x 900mm, provide a distinguished look for a terrace. Use tight grout lines of no more than 6mm to 8mm, or tighter if the paving units are perfectly formed. Colours are light greys and silver tones.

Natural stone paving and coloured grout

Natural materials and natural stone paving are getting more popular. Mixed patio packs are a little passé and instead, large single-unit dimensions are becoming popular. Grout colours are an important design element, and the choice of colours extends well beyond grey.

Credit: Karl Harrison Landscapes

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