Exquisite trends and technologies from Cersaie 2016

by Darren
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Everything from wood and marble to natural stone and new technologies were showcased at Cersaie 2016.

Over 106 599 people attended the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, Cersaie, in Bologna, Italy in September 2016. International visitors exceeded 50 000 for the first time.

One of the key drawing points of Cersaie is the range of international exhibitors that it attracts. Everything from wood and marble to natural stone were showcased at this significant industry event. With over 852 exhibitors from 43 different countries and 335 non-Italian exhibitors, this year confirmed Cersaie’s position as Italy’s largest tile & bathroom furnishing exhibition and one of the leading shows in the sector.

Breakaway sessions, panel debates and keynote presentations
Each year, a number of breakaway sessions, panel debates and keynote presentations are held at Cersaie. One of the widely attended events was a conference entitled “forum: italia.architectti5.0 where architects discussed “building, dwelling, thinking”. At this event, the concept of understanding how to design public spaces was discussed. Participating architects pointed out that this is a particularly relevant topic, because new generations have returned to themes that appeared to have been abandoned, which is evoking a European tradition of city masterplans. Today’s cities are becoming increasingly global but lack spaces with which people can identify. Regardless of who a public space belongs to, it must always represent the common good and serve as a substrate for human relationships and socialisation.

Architect Solano Benítez, who recently won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for best participant in the 15th International Exhibition “Reporting From The Front”, also gave an intriguing presentation at Cersaie.

“The word ‘impossible’ is simply not in the Paraguayan architect and university lecturer’s dictionary,” said Solano, before adding that the mantra that has guided all of his works is as follows: You need to think of bricks as a material that offers new opportunities to experiment with things that have never been tried before.

During his presentation, Solano commented on the earthquake that hit Central Italy in 2016. “Italian architects must use their skill, ingenuity and thinking to rebuild the homes and lives of those who have lost everything,” he said.

Memorable products from Cersaie 2016

Many exciting flooring products were showcased at the 2016 event, from classic Afghan and Persian rug prints that had been transferred onto tiles, to outdoor tiles that give an exquisite well-worn appearance. We’ve rounded up some of the memorable products:

Ceramiche Supergres
Ceramiche Supergres proposed four new projects at Cersaie 2016: ART, a complete range of porcelain stoneware flooring and matching wall coverings in cement-effect white body; PURITY OF MARBLE effect, also available in both porcelain stoneware and white body; STORY a reclaimed stone, inspired by the flooring of traditional French houses; and finally STONEWORK, a range that faithfully copies 4 different types of natural stone. Both STORY and STONEWORK are available in 20 mm T_20 thickness, ideal for outdoor areas.

ART has a natural-looking surface and is available in a sophisticated range of soft, natural, neutral colours, enhanced by large rectified formats. It is offered in the small 20×20 format to enrich residential and commercial interiors in an elegant, contemporary style.

Memorable products from Cersaie Jnl 1 17

PURITY OF MARBLE was created from the reproduction of three types of Italian marble that are particularly prized and rare: Statuario, Lasa and Calacatta. It comprises white body floor tiles in porcelain stoneware and matching wall tiles, all amazingly realistic reproductions of these natural types of marble, with painstaking attention to detail in order to meet the aesthetic and function requirements of contemporary architectural planners of both residential and commercial spaces.

STORY was inspired by centuries-old recycled French stone, with surfaces where the passage of time has left its mark. Imperfections become the benchmark for a new concept of beauty – something to highlight rather than conceal.

STONEWORK comprises four different stone types that are shaped into the latest-generation porcelain stonework. Ardesia nera (black slate), Quarzite bianca (white quartzite), Beola Lugnez: natural stone, each with its own distinctive aesthetic features, all coloured in shades of white, grey and black.

The La Platera Blendstone Series was showcased at Cersaie. The 30 x 60 cm floor tiles are produced with digital ink jets.

El Barco showcased their new Click series. Click is a range built on 8 different biscuits; for each biscuit, there are 8 different colour combinations, which give designers a huge number of diverse pieces, all packed randomly in the box. It comes in three different colours: Multi, Grey and Beige, and for each colour, there is a field plain tile that can be combined to create softer environments.

Kilim by Aparici is a charming evolution of classic Afghan, Turkish and Persian rug prints that has been interpreted onto tiles, using advanced digital printing technology.

The Myr Ceramica Terra series was a popular product at the exhibition. The Terra range is available in Beige, Grey and Graphite in size 25 cm x 75 cm.

Tribeca is a crafted, aged wood with an attractive, well-worn appearance. The flooring provides a sense of character and is painted in white, aqua, grey and honey. Tribeca is available in 15 cm x 90 cm super-slim board or in a 20 cm x 66 cm non-slip option, which is ideal for outdoor areas, gardens with swimming pools, penthouse terraces, etc.

The Atrium range by Unicer enables you to create unique environments with decorative porcelain. Natural stone is combined with trendy, avant garde styles to create subtle and optical effects that fit in with any greater design theme.

Thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.cersaie.it, www.agrob-buchtal.de, www.statybaplius.it, www.tilesofspainusa.com, www.itrade.com, www.roccia.com, www.grand-ceramica.ru and www.azulejosingdigar.es for the information contained in this article.

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