New internationally inspired designs and colours presented in four styles.

PG Bison has launched its Gallery 4 collection of new colours and designs through a series of roadshows across South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The range is focussed on the concept of expressions and people, their spaces and their stories, using the tagline “Beautiful spaces speak”.

This range explores the changing focus of PG Bison from being a manufacturer to its role in inspiring and helping people create beautiful spaces. “Beautiful living spaces are where people make lasting memories,” says Jason Wells, brand and marketing manager.

The development of the Gallery 4 range started with identifying global macro trends, adapting them to the local market with some homegrown influences. The choice of designs is driven by these trends, and then carefully curated and balanced with the current ranges from PG Bison. “To understand the macro trends that influence the range, we use themes or chapters to tell each story,” explains Wells.

A love of change

Transformation and adaptability are expressed in “a love of change”, as the Expressions trend embraces hybridisation. Areas don’t have a single purpose, as everything is shared, repurposed and multi-used, such as this range of mix-and-match colours and designs.

Chasing adrenaline

Always online and connected – this “chasing adrenaline” trend speaks to a new convergence of the physical and digital world. Lines are blurred between living and working spaces, influencing the way people think about and design spaces, with sophisticated patterns and textures.

Handle with care

The “handle with care” trend relates to the global movement around caring for the environment, sustainability and more conscious consumerism. Colours and patterns are inspired by the beauty of nature, and the value of artisanal craft.

In search of balance

This trend references a global embracing of wellness, healthy living, balance, mindfulness and organic products. “In search of balance” is a counterpoint to the “always connected” lifestyle, with subdued hues and minimalist designs.

PG Bison is a proudly South African company with more than 120 years’ experience in creating decorative wood-based panel products. Using the international trends showcased in Gallery 4, they aim to help customers create stylish and functional spaces – from kitchen units and countertops to bathroom cabinets, built-in cupboards and office spaces.

For more information, contact PG Bison:
Tel: +27 11 897 5200

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