Expo Revestir round-up: 2014 tile extravaganza highlights

by Darren
Expo revestir

Sustainable products, new technologies and innovative concepts were displayed at Expo Revestir 2014.


Setting trends and showcasing finishing covering solutions for the construction industry, the Latin American tile show, Expo Revestir, is informally known as the architecture and construction fashion week. This year’s show didn’t disappoint with sustainable products, new technologies and innovative designs drawing inspiration from other areas of fashion.

According to chairman Antonio Carlos Kieling, the highlight of the 2014 edition was the significant increase in content with 250 exhibitors, who included 50 international exhibitors from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Israel, presenting products and ideas across more than 40 000m².

One of the main trends at the expo was sustainability, combined with technology and beauty. The techniques applied ranged from coverings made with 100% recycled material, including glazing and cement slabs with recycled wood particles, cloths and burlap bags.

Joyce Diehl, editor of Portal Revestir, further highlighted the repackaging of old elements. According to her, the key inclination is comfort, with technologic retro, organic design, curves, natural appearances and the appreciation of different cultures all being important factors in new designs.

Vertical gardens – embracing nature
Living walls in the form of vertical gardens are gaining popularity as part of interior design and a way to create a feeling of closeness with nature. Designs like the practical and sustainable Palazzo Santa Catarina application (left/right/top/bottom) can be installed indoors or outside and comes with an automated irrigation system, which makes caring for the plants very simple.

“Our idea is to facilitate easy maintenance of the plants, while enabling environmentally-friendly projects with style and sophistication,” says Antônio Bogo, director of Palazzo Santa Catarina.

Hollow elements – fill in the gaps
Imagine, design, interact. Innovative coverings with cavities were broadly exhibited across Revestir to demonstrate how they promote union between aesthetics and functionality, such as Manufatti’s enamel cast elements and coatings (left/right/top/bottom – refer to 0082/0148/0150 if used).

These versatile, modular designs tie together environments, textures and sensations and can be used as ceilings, doors, screens, panels and integration walls.

High definition and the 3D effect 
Although not new, high-definition digital prints on ceramics and porcelain tiles are still a top trend. Among the releases presented by companies such as Villagres and Ceusa were reproductions that mimic wood composition, handmade papers, newspaper prints, bricks, concrete and metal.

A creative spin came from Colormix Revestimentos’ porcelain Bansky range that features graffiti street art. (left/right/top/bottom – refer to porc_bansky pics if used) With this tile range, the energy of the streets is brought into indoor environments.

On the 3D front, Hatria Revestimentos launched two wall lines that suggest three-dimensionality and visual motion:
• Savona, which features cement slabs in large shapes and geometric designs in high relief.
• Livorno, cement tiles with different textures, shapes and finishes, produced with volume-based and screened interlock, which make them an almost unnoticeable fittings system.

Décor tiles – patterns and textures
Patterns, prints, shapes and textures – décor tiles are still a hit and are either applied as accents to highlight specific building features or as bold wall coverings to make a statement. The possibilities are endless for designers to create unique environments.

At the show, designer Sergio Matos commented that today’s professionals are open to new sensory experiences related to different textures and surfaces.


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