Best in show

The 9th edition of Expo Revestir’s Best In Show Awards highlighted the most innovative launches of the fair across 14 categories. Walls & Roofs presents a curated selection of the winning products from the largest coatings and finishes event in Latin America. 

Best Ultra Compact 

Winner: Dekton – Dekton Ukiyo  

Size: 450mm x 3 000mm sheets 

A textured collection that features linear fluting represents a milestone in the sector by presenting sheets with fluted structures. Created in collaboration with interior designer, Claudia Afshar, the collection is available in ready-to-install corrugated sheets, one of the first offerings of its kind in the sector. It has been specially designed for application in vertical cladding, from facades and fireplaces to custom furniture, and will be available in a matt finish and two fluted options.  

Best in show

Best Ultra Compact winner: Dekton – Dekton Ukiyo.

Design Brazil Porcelanato 

Winner: Ceusa – Patch 

Size: 120cm x 120cm 

The Patch collection uses Deep Design technology to create an inviting touch with its extremely soft relief, as if they were stitched lines. The glass granules, deposited at specific points on the surface, create a subtle volume with a slight sheen. This design is inspired by the embroiderers and lacemakers of Brazil. The cultural richness of flowing shapes, curved lines, mixtures of colours and the apparent texture of the embroidery threads was represented in this collection.  

Best in show

Design Brazil Porcelanato winner: Ceusa – Patch.

Best Tile Ceramic 

Winner: Portobello – V Stone Off White Graffi 

Size: 45cm x 120cm 

Fossils and marine sediments characterise traditional limestone. V Stone brings this ancient material back to life with a timeless French mood and aesthetic quality. One of Paris’ main squares, Place Vendôme, was the conceptual inspiration for this innovative project. The Graffi relief for interior walls has lines that form microtextures. Its joints are almost imperceptible between one piece and the next, creating a harmonious and continuous surface.  

Best Special Ceramic Piece 

Winner: Portinari – Mc citta 

Size: 30cm x 30cm, 120cm x 120cm, 80cm x 160cm, 160cm x 160cm, 120cm x 280cm 

The special Mosaico Cittá comes in three different variations, two of which have metallic bronze inserts with a subtle shine. The design is formed by these inserts, one in a straight line and the other perpendicular. It can be used together or not, with the plain module. By fitting the pieces together to give continuity to the designs, it forms a macro design in the layout. It can also be used randomly to create innovative compositions. 

Best in show

Best Special Ceramic Piece winner: Portinari – Mc citta.

The Expo Revestir 2024 Best In Show Awards highlighted the most innovative launches at the fair. 

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