EXPO displays growth and innovation

by Tania Wannenburg
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After another successful EXPO with numerous exhibitions showcasing the latest technologies and innovative product offerings, the 2016 edition is set to grow even further.

Different designs and formats that value and emphasise the beauty, colour and texture of natural products such as stone, wood and fibre is what EXPO REVESTIR 2015 is all about. This event showcases products from Building Construction, Home Furnishings & Home Textiles, Architecture & Designing, Real Estate Agents, Household Services and Furniture industries. This expo ensures that its textures evoke unique experiences, and that these refer to different timeframes and styles.

Held this year from 3 to 6 March at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, REVISTIR EXPO is an annual event that brings several industries together to network, learn, and take home and share the invaluable knowledge that they have undoubtedly gained. The event welcomed 61 000 people, which represents a 20% growth compared to last year.

According to Antonio Carlos Kieling, President of EXPO REVESTIR and superintendent of ANFACER, the Architecture and Construction Fashion Week (which is what EXPO REVESTIR is known as) is firmly consolidated on the international calendar as one of the main events in finishing solutions for the construction sector of Latin America. “This year the event was surprising and exceeded all of our expectations,” he says.

FLOORS in Africa once again attended the Expo and returned with a wealth of information and images on all the latest flooring products and how they can be used. “REVESTIR has an amazing atmosphere with visitors and exhibitors from around the globe,” enthuses Zuerita Gouws, who attended on behalf of Media in Africa. “We returned with such an amazing amount of invaluable information that we will share with you in this issue.”

Top Trends Identified at REVESTIR:
1.    Intended to Imitate
Luxury Vinyl Tiles once again proved their place in the industry by presenting a host of unique and innovative products that truly has raised the standard for these floor types going forward. Luxury Vinyl is available either as planks or squares, with a “bigger is better” approach visible at the EXPO.

One stand in particular showcased how LVTs and LVPs in large sizes can be successfully installed alongside each other. This mixture creates the illusion of space and brightens up a floor. Furthermore, customised patterns make it possible to create pathways within companies that guide visitors in the right direction.

But LVTs aside, several floor types are created to imitate natural stone, marble and even porcelain. The end result is so realistic, it is almost impossible to distinguish the real from the imitation floor. Ceramics are also ideal in replicating other floor types, and these were very popular at the Expo.

2.    Colour
As revealed by several stands and the input of industry experts, the colour ranges are leaning towards more earthy, neutral and natural colours. However, grey is still a popular choice and used in several flooring applications.

3.    Two is better than one
A very attractive stand showcased how two different types of floors are used in a specific room or space. This technique almost creates “partitions” between two living or office areas and, if installed correctly, will also positively affect the feel of one’s surroundings. This also breaks the monotony of a space and adds some extra spice to its environment.

4.    Shapes and Sizes
Each floor type is subjected to varying shapes and sizes. For example, the most varied shapes and sizes range from 45,3 x 75,8; 75 x 150; 60,4 x 121; 60 x 60 cm; 79,7 x 79,7 and 90 x 90 cm. However, the EXPO went above and beyond these measurements, astounding visitors by introducing them to exceptionally large planks and squares – the beauty of which is a sure winner.

5.    3D and High Definition
The word technology has become synonymous with 3D and high definition (HD) in the flooring industry. 3D tiles (various flooring types) have enabled manufacturers to produce flooring that looks identical to its actual counterpart. High definition enlivens the detail, colour and pattern of the floor, resulting in a floor that looks and feels like the real deal. These imitation products are of superior quality and are usually easier to clean and maintain, and they often boast a much longer lifespan – something everyone strives for.

One of the highlights in terms of the above came from a company who uses digital print applied to porcelain and transforms standard materials into several looks of marble. Digital printing also allows for the manufacturing of metallic effects and resin finishes. The natural look of aging wood, with several contrasts and variations, also sets the tone for another exhibitor.

Floors with patterns were extensively featured at the EXPO. The types of patterns are endless, especially with the use of digital technology. One exhibitor manufactures stoneware that unites materials with art in an unusual and customised manner. Their theme “Everyone Can Draw” results in a white porcelain stoneware base which becomes a canvas where one can draw different patterns.

Patterned colours can be applied through the HD digital printing, once again forming designs that mimic marble, brick and wood. The following quote is so apt when trying to truly encapsulate the function of patterns: “When matter, form and colour meet, each piece goes back into place.”

Quick Snapshots

Revestir quick snapshot Jnl 3 15
1.    Atlas Mosaic – mosaic was very prominent at the EXPO as it creates beautiful looks that are unique and personalised.
2.    Try to imagine a pixelated floor. The look is intriguing and definitely draws attention. This is going to be a strong trend in the industry this year.
3.    Bringing the outdoors indoors by using two different floor types. The rustic look of the darker flooring is in contrast to the lighter flooring used on the interior/exterior patio. This creates a sense of harmony and balance.

After another successful event boasting a significant increase in visitors and exhibitors, it can be expected that the EXPO in 2016 will once again grow from strength to strength, especially with regard to innovation and technology.

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