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Expert tiling in 123 WEBER

Saint-Gobain Weber has developed a simple guide to better tile installations with their three-step process.

To meet the requirements of architects, designers and professional tiling contractors on each unique project, Saint-Gobain Weber comprehensive Tylon tile-fixing range is suitable for a wide range of tiling applications and for every step of the tiling process.

1.    Surface preparation
When it comes to additive and surface-coating products, Saint-Gobain Weber has a comprehensive range to ensure a perfectly prepared surface, whether it be gypsum, cement, friable timber, smooth or plastered surfaces.

For example, Key-it is a latex based liquid primer and keying agent which is specifically formulated for use in conjunction with Plaskey as a bonding coat for gypsum and cement surfaces.

2.    Adhesive selection
Saint-Gobain Weber’s range of adhesives includes ones specially formulated for ceramic (Ceramic S and Ceramic L), porcelain (Porcelain S and Porcelain L) or mosaic tiles (Mosaic fix). In addition, adhesives are available for quick-setting (Quick Set 6) tile installations such as high-foot-traffic walkways in commercial properties, and for tiling on flexible surfaces such as wood.

3.    Grout application
As part of the Weber grout range, general purpose cement-based tile grout is available in nine colour variants. Another option is Barrier Waterproof Tile Grout, which comes in two colours and is suitable for application to tiling on walls and floors in wet areas.

In addition, the Acid-resistant Grout is a chemical-resistant grout for floors and walls, whilst the Quarry Tile Grout is a cement-based grout for tile joints 4 – 15 mm on walls and floors.

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Caption: Tile Grout comes in a range of colours, and is suitable for application to tiling on walls and floors in areas that will be dry or intermittently wet.

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