Expansion joints for commercial and industrial applications

by Ofentse Sefolo
Expansion joints for commercial and industrial applications

As a contractor or specifier, you need a cost-effective solution to accommodate movement resulting from thermal expansion and loading changes in slab design. The lengths of structural elements, superstructures in particular, change as a result of materials shrinkage, temperature fluctuations and loading variations and these changes can happen multiple times during the structure’s lifecycle.

To avoid surface cracking and possibly more severe damage, the length of each individual structural element is often limited, with gaps between elements to allow movement. These gaps must be bridged over, and made trafficable during expansion. Expansion joints of steel or aluminium offer well-proven solutions by preventing ingress of water.

Conecto has a range of expansion, industrial flooring and anti-shrink profiles for every part of the joint, regardless of whether you’re working with a crossing, T-junction or level changes in a mall, office park, hotel or school. The solutions are manufactured with pre-formed detail pieces with high quality materials and fitted to your requirements. Invest in expansion joints to prevent structural corrosion and damage to surfacing today.

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