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by Darren
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After the expansion of its vinyl flooring ranges to the industry, Belgotex Floors can now highlight its new Play-Off cushioned vinyl.

After the expansion of its vinyl flooring ranges to the industry, Belgotex Floors can now highlight that it has included its new Play-Off cushioned vinyl and patented Taraflex specialised sports flooring for sport and multi-functional applications.

The introduction of these new products takes the company’s vinyl offerings to a whole new sector, developing new target markets for Belgotex in line with its “World of Choice” positioning.  

Play-Off is Belgotex’s first specialist sports vinyl with a Class 2 rating designed for the unique performance demands of sporting activities, while Taraflex is renowned internationally as one of the best-performing sports flooring on the market, and is now available in South Africa exclusively from Belgotex Floors.

Play-Off’s 4.5mm cushioned, non-slip PVC surface in blue, green, grey or fashionable wood-look offers superior shock and impact absorption, and is thus ideal for all-round indoor sports centres or courts and multi-use areas.

The innovative closed-cell foam construction reduces forces from high-impact sports and falls, simultaneously insulating against impact sounds and resisting abrasion from the twists and turns of rubber soles, tackles and other friction.

Its PUR Protect wear layer protects against soiling and scuffing for an easy-care floor with a no-wax/no-buff-for-life guarantee, while the patented Sanosol antibacterial/fungicidal treatment provides added hygiene against typical bodily fluids such as sweat or blood.

Taraflex offers a range of P1, P2 and P3 products suitable for every sports centre – from low-impact activities to elite and performance levels. These products are exclusively available from Belgotex’s Sports division who will provide specialist advice on the most suitable product for your particular application.

As one of the most widely specified synthetic sports surface selected for the past 10 consecutive Olympic Games for handball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and sitting volleyball, Taraflex provides a safe, comfortable and hygienic foundation with force reduction characteristics. Its measurable shock-absorption properties provide the highest level of protection from impact, reducing the risk of injury from falls or diving and sliding on the floor.

The unique and patented Protecsol triple-action surface treatment provides an “intelligent” surface for the ideal compromise between slide and grip, reducing the chance of skin burns due to friction and providing a cost-effective floor that’s easy to maintain.

The D-Max surface is a unique complex made up of calendered PVC sheets reinforced with fibreglass grids. This provides exceptional dimensional stability and a 35% improvement in indentation resistance to increase the range of floor usages.

Finally, the closed-cell foam construction of the CXP HD (Cellular Xtreme Process high density) has now been combined with VHD (very high density) foam technology for the playing surface. The CXP foam allows the lower layer to compress more easily, while the VHD foam upper remains firm to disperse force around the foot on a wider area, providing users more freedom of movement in rotation and less risk of injury.   

Three different types of Taraflex sports floors are available on request,directly from Belgotex’s specialist Sports Division. All three options offer high wheel, abrasion and indentation resistance for the most durable, high-performance surfaces, guaranteed to perform for 10 years.

To discuss your requirements with a sports specialist, call Belgotex Sports Division directly:
Ayden Shrives or Stefan Tommy on (033) 897-7500 (Head Office),
Wade Paton on (021) 763-6900 (CPT) or
Tommy Hammond or David Viney in JHB on (011) 380-9300

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