Expanding its roots in the international carpet tile industry

by Darren
Rebtex Jnl 4 15

These carpet tiles are continuing to grow in popularity due to their functionality in terms of performance and lasting beauty.

Rebtex is continuing its expansion in Australia. In addition to Government House on the North Shore, Sydney Harbour, and contemporary art galleries, Rebtex recently completed an installation at Platinum Asset Management Ltd also in Sydney.

According to Kerr Neilson, Platinum Asset Management’s CEO, the installation is unusual. “We find that adding sisal to the palette of finishes gives the workplace a contemporary look and feel that is in keeping with changing perceptions about office environments,” he says. “It is no longer good enough to house one’s work associates to tired old solutions. Apart from the benefits of no VOCs with the consequent improvement to the indoor environment quality, woven sisal flooring adds the ‘now’ to their working experience.”

Rebtex products are compliant with all fourteen categories of the USA Carpet and Rug Institute Green Plus test Program that determine how “green” a product is. Furthermore, Rebtex floor tiles have achieved one of the highest SABS appearance test results, with no apparent wear after the castor wheel test involving a whopping 25 000 revolutions.

This is why Rebtex claims to be changing the world carpet by carpet, one day at a time.

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