When it comes to high-end residential applications, solid wooden flooring remains a premium choice for those seeking exclusivity from a recognised brand.

Price is a critical factor when looking for a specific product, especially when there are several other importers of the same product. However, according to Steven Suntups from FloorworX, this is not always the situation, case in point: solid walnut flooring.

“Walnut is one of the most expensive wooden floors in the FloorworX range, and while the general layman may be drawn to the colour of walnut when looking at a sample, he tends to be frightened off by the price,” says Steven. “It should be noted that most of FloorworX’s walnut flooring is sold by special request.”

He goes on to say that there are those who know exactly what they want, and these individuals ask for walnut by name as they understand its value as a premium and exclusive floor, considered to be in a class of its own.

FloorworX offers solid wooden floors that are factory-sealed and, when installed in conjunction with its Elastilon product offering, the end result is a premium, quality product that embodies the very essence of beauty and luxury.

Elastilon is a range of elastic adhesive mats, specifically formulated for the installation of solid wood floors in domestic, commercial and sports applications. When a solid wooden floor is stuck to Elastilon no adhesive is caught in the tongue-and-groove joints. This in turn allows for free movement without the floor being under any pressure between the boards.

By sticking to the tongue-and-groove system yet still incorporating new technology in the form of Elastilon, FloorworX is able to achieve a successful wooden floor installation that lasts a lifetime. This confidence is expressed in FloorworX’s product guarantee against failure, irrespective of humidity.

All the above benefits and advantages highlight the exclusivity of FloorworX’s solid wooden flooring, with its walnut offering continuing to be a sought after, premium product for high-end residential applications.

“This range has been offered for several years and is certainly one of our more popular collections for those with exclusive taste,” Steven concludes.