Exceptional surface to launch Audi TT

by Darren
Flowcrete Auditt Jnl 1 16

The unveiling of the new Audi TT model saw a dazzling display with a cleverly designed racetrack surface.

When Volkswagen unveiled its new Audi TT model in Beijing it put on a dazzling and immersive display, surrounding the audience with bright lights and dramatic visuals that were projected onto the walls around them – walls on which the cars themselves raced in time to the graphics and soundtrack.

This racetrack was a cleverly designed, 300-metre, 360° circular surface that could be placed within the Beijing Crab Island International Convention Centre and used as both a backdrop for the show’s visuals as well as a platform on which the 2015 Audi TT vehicles could drive around the audience at speeds of 60km/h.

Flowcrete China worked closely with the high-profile car brand to create a surface for the track that could meet these dual demands. 1 500m² of the resin flooring specialist’s epoxy system, Rustik, in a light grey colour was used for the project, as the robust nature of this system would be able to withstand the movement of the multiple vehicles driving across it.

A Rustik floor incorporates colourful natural stones in clear epoxy resin to deliver an attractive, durable and slip-resistant finish. However, the design and creation of this backdrop faced several challenges, which required a large team of experts to overcome. Flowcrete China’s specialists had to ensure that their natural stone carpet system could be applied onto a surface with an average gradient of 60° and which, at points, is practically vertical. Getting the aggregate mix right and laying from the bottom up was the key to solving this issue.

“The seamless, durable and consistent colour of our Rustik flooring system made it the ideal solution for Audi’s various, novel requirements,” says Francis Tan, Managing Director of Flowcrete China. “We were committed to creating a high-quality finish as, like Audi, we recognise how important it is that every element looks and performs exceptionally well – especially during events such as this when the eyes of the world are focusing on you. The project itself was very challenging and we had to solve a series of technical issues, but when we saw the cars speeding by we knew that we had been part of something special and that the time, effort and dedication had been more than worth it.”

It took ten days to lay the Rustik surface and, to ensure that the finish met Volkswagen’s exacting standards, inspectors from Audi made regular checks on the track’s progress and quality.

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