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by Darren
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Supreme Moulding’s Enviroline range is made up of polystyrene based architectural mouldings and it is fully recyclable.

Supreme Mouldings is a South African owned manufacturer and distributor of quality products to the flooring, construction, picture framing and décor industries. The company started as Quality Kraft in 1972 and became Supreme Mouldings in 1981 when the manufacturing arm was added. Supreme Mouldings is currently one of the major suppliers to the South African market, and exports to North America, Europe, Russia, China and various countries in across Africa.

Supreme Mouldings distribution centres are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and offer a 24-hour turnaround time on local deliveries. The manufacturing plant is based in East London while the company’s head office is located in Johannesburg.

The company’s Enviroline brand is 100% South African, made by South Africans for South Africans. This product is made up of polystyrene based architectural mouldings (skirtings, flooring profiles etc.), picture frame mouldings and curtain rods.

Enviroline is manufactured from recycled material and is recyclable making the product range one of the “greenest” products of its type in South Africa. This has been made possible by Supreme Mouldings setting up its own collection and recycling facilities across the country. Each month, they process about 10 000 cubic metres of material that would have ended up in landfills. This equates to roughly two Ellis Park rugby fields stacked one metre high with waste material.

Supreme Mouldings also places a strong focus on social responsibilities. A few of these initiatives include the Siyakanda Aids Project; the adult basic education programmes in the Eastern Cape region and their “Save the Rhino” project. A portion of every sale made on any Enviroline product goes towards the “Save the Rhino” project.

Enviroline products offer a range of unique benefits, such as the fact that they are 100% waterproof; they are not affected by climatic conditions such as humidity; they are always in-stock and readily available; are flexible and non-toxic. They are also termite and insect-proof; easy to install while offering consistent finishes that are in line with current décor trends.

These benefits and product properties are in line with what the company stands for in terms of their vision and mission while concurrently providing industry with solutions that incorporate innovative techniques with technological advancements.

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