Exceptional Performance from chemical anchors

by Darren

With their strongly customer-orientated focus and emphasis on technical service, Mapei South Africa, local subsidiary of the international Mapei Group, is rapidly setting new performance benchmarks for speciality building chemicals in the construction industry, not only in South Africa but also in nearby territories.

The recently introduced Mapefix chemical anchors are styrene-free, two-component mixtures of synthetic resins, specifically developed for chemically anchoring steel and zinc-plated steel deformed bar in a variety of solid and porous substrates.

The versatile products – VE SF for heavy loads and PE SF for light loads – can provide anchoring in non-cracked concrete, lightweight concrete, stone, wood, bricks and mixed masonry, and can even be applied to substrates which are wet.

Mapefix VE SF is recommended as the solution for immersed anchors in marine and industrial environments. Since the chemical anchor does not generate the lateral stress associated with conventional mechanical expansion fasteners, it also provides the solution for anchoring close to edges or where there is limited pitch between the bolt holes.

In Botswana, Mapei South Africa has recently supplied Mapefix VE SF to specialist civil works contractor RCL Holdings for three anchoring contracts on mines in that country, including anchoring the giant sieves for a diamond mine. “We have extensive experience in this type of work and have tried a wide range of anchoring products,” comments the company’s MD, Robert Lunda, “but Mapefix stands out with its exceptional performance.”

Using the convenient twin-cartridge pack with the supplied static mixing attachment, the resin mixture is injected bottom-up into the holes.

“There is no waiting as Mapefix begins curing straight away and there is no need to rod from top to bottom of the holes,” Lunda says. “To locate the sieves, we were anchoring 96 anchor bolts, 30mm in diameter and 1,3m long into heavily reinforced concrete and the time saving with Mapefix was a huge benefit.”

Mapei’s range of 1400 advanced building technology additives, sealants, adhesives and concrete performance chemicals is recognised throughout Europe, America and the Far East for the performance standards and environment-friendly formulations of its products.

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